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U.S Air Force and FBI Raid Homes of Area 51 Website Owner

  • Area 51 has gained popularity because of its association with alien conspiracy theories. 
  • In November 2022, the U.S. Air Force and FBI raided the residences of an Area 51 website owner.
  • A Nevada man operates the website Dreamland Resort, which he claims to be the ‘most comprehensive source for information on Area 51’.


The Raids

Joerg Arnu owns several homes across Rachel and Las Vegas. On 3rd November, 2022, FBI and Air Force agents raided his residences to search them. According to the Las Vegas Journal Review, both agencies had only one aim: to seize all helpful information.

However, Arnu feels that the FBI raided his home to keep him silent.

The research veteran expressed his disappointment in the government, “I believe overzealous agents executed the search with unnecessary force. The FBI and Air Force executed the search to silence the Area 51 research community.”

Arnu further added, “I am not a spy. I and the vast majority of members of my website support the military, and we understand the need for secrecy to keep our country safe. Unfortunately, the military only told me that the search was related to images posted on my Area 51 website.”

Area 51
An A-12 (60-6924) takes off from Groom Lake during one of the first test flights, piloted by Louis Schalk, 26 April 1962.

Arnu’s Claims

Arnu said 15-20 agents raided his residences in Rachel and Las Vegas. He also mentioned that the FBI informed him the search would be related to images on his website. However, it seems that was not the case.

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In one of his recent posts, the man claims to have lost at least $25k. According to Arnu, the agents confiscated equipment worth over $20k and damaged products worth $5k during the search. The Nevada man demands justice. He has stated that he intends to take the matter to court but refuses to name his lawyer publicly.

Additionally, Arnu believes the material on his website does not go against the law. He claims to have legally obtained all the data published on his website. In an attempt to alleviate the situation, Arnu deleted some of the compromising posts.

Area 51

Area 51 is located in Lincoln County and is otherwise known as Nevada’s Test and Training Range. Edwards Air Force Base, California, administers this remote detachment. However, it was only in 2013 that the government publicly admitted its existence. Before that, the area was linked to UFO conspiracy theories.

The top secret Area 51
Lincoln County deputies guard the back gate during a 2019 raid.

The government uses Area 51 as the training ground for highly classified projects. For example, the F-117 Nighthawk took its first flights inside Area 51. Lockheed’s U-2 and SR-71s have also used the facility as training grounds. The recent story has proven yet again that humans have an innate urge to uncover what’s hidden. Arnu is simply one of the thousands who are keen to discover what lies inside the walls of Area 51.