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Taking History to a New Level: The Living History UK Festival 2023

The Living History UK Festival 21st-22nd April 2023

What’s the best way to teach people about Military History? Well arguably, according to the lads at Living History UK, it’s to immerse people in it in the form of an event. And that’s exactly what they did!

The lads at Living History UK (LHUK), are a community funded social media channel that was founded in 2021 by Steve Davies with the aim to bring history to life and to entice the viewer to learn more about history.

The Living History UK Festival
The timeline of the professional British soldier in one photograph.

As well as YouTube they also have a podcast on Spotify, Amazon; Google and Apple. These guys want to conquer and educate all and aren’t shy about shouting from the rooftops about it.

They are also on all mainstream media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook amongst others. As already mentioned they are community funded, with money coming from their Patreon members; LHUK shop and via PayPal donations.

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They live and breath history which brings me quite nicely to the festival. All the profits made go straight back into the You Tube channel (not their pockets) to help fund the documentaries and equipment that will make the quality of their work far greater.

This is an example as to just how dedicated they are. This isn’t about making pounds or dollars. This is about passion and education, a lifestyle and hopefully, a legacy.

What is the Living History UK Festival?

The LHUK Festival ’23 will be held at Moira Furnace in Leicestershire in England. It’s a location with its own fascinating history. As its name suggests Moira Furnace was a blast furnace and foundry used for the smelting of  local iron ore. It has stood on the site since 1804 and was a forerunner of Britain’s Industrial Revolution making cast iron goods for export around the world.

All of the Living Historians are the best in the country. They share one passion. History.

A befitting site for historical talks then. So what’s on offer at the event then?

Living History UK will tell the story of the British Soldier from 1645- 2012 with the help of 20 of the best living history groups Britain has to offer. They are accurate down to the last button and all are passionate about their chosen subject.

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These are the cream of the crop and anyone who attends will be astonished by their knowledge. To watch a TV documentary is one thing, to read a book another. To see that soldier ‘come alive’ in front of yours eyes and explain the role of the soldier they are portraying is unique.

The thin red line.
Holding the thin (red) line. The evolution of the British soldier at the Living History UK event.

There will be lectures both days covering many different subjects from what a soldier carried in his knapsack at the battle of Naseby (1645) during the English Civil War, to what life was like for the British soldier during the Italy campaign during World War 2. If infantry tactics are more to your liking, there will be regular demonstrations taking place in the arena.

In addition there will also be militaria and re-enactment traders for those who are keen collectors. This is more than another ‘re-enactment’ event. This is Living History at its finest. Stood in front of you educating and coming alive. Let’s hope this idea catches on. For more details see the link below. FALL OUT!

On behalf of the Living History UK team thank you for taking the time to read this article and we hope to see you there!

Keep History Alive!
Pete Neal
LHUK Presenter.