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Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon’ Rated R For Strong Violence and Grisly Images

The official MPAA rating is out for Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon.’ The rating indicates the movie is officially complete and will hit the screens on November 22nd for a worldwide release. 

  • Napoleon, the film, completed post-production. The official MPAA rating is out!
  • The MPAA verdict is ‘Rated R’ because of intense violence, grisly images, sexual content, and adult language.
  • The movie features Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby.
  • It will hit the screens on November 22nd for a worldwide theatrical release. 
  • Apple is producing this film in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

Directed by Scott from a screenplay by David Scarpa, Napoleon tells the story of the French emperor and military leader. It is a story of his origins and ruthless climb to the top.

Napoleon to Cannes?

A  piece in Variety Magazine a week ago indicated that Apple might bring Napoleon to Cannes, but they have since decided not to. 

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The reason is that Apple is already anticipating a potential Cannes premiere for Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ in collaboration with Paramount Pictures. So it seems that premiering two epics at the same festival would be too much. 

The film features Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby. It is approximately 150 minutes long. The movie revolves around Napoleon Bonaparte’s world-conquering theatrics, not to mention his complicated relationship with his wife, Joséphine.

Last month, the Empire interview with Scott had the filmmaker reminiscing about his time filming ‘Napoleon’ and with star Phoenix. Scott admitted to changing some parts of the scripts during filming because of Phoenix’s unconventional approach to acting.

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix seen here in 2005. He is to portray Napoleon on the Big screen.

“It was one of my most challenging but also one of my best experiences with any actor,” says Scott. “Joaquin is probably the most special, thoughtful actor I’ve ever worked with.”

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Napoleon and Killers of the Flower Moon give the three-year-old Apple Original Films two prime entries in the awards race after it became the first streamer to win the Best Picture Oscar two years ago with CODA.

Napoleon: The Movie

The film sheds light on Napoleon’s addictive and often volatile relationship with his wife and one true love, Josephine. In addition, the film explores Napoleon’s famous battles, relentless ambition, and significant strategic mind.

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Napoleon is produced by Scott, Kevin Walsh, Mark Huffam, and Phoenix, with Michael Pruss and Aidan Elliott serving as executive producers – a collaboration between Apple and Scott Free Productions. The film has been in the Cannes Film Festival conversation, but after a while, it became clear that it wouldn’t happen because of its fall release plans.

Ridley Scott

Sir Ridley Scott is an English director and producer who is best known for his work in science fiction and historical drama. Scott’s work is distinguished for its atmospheric and highly concentrated visual style. 

Director Ridley Scott
Director Sir Ridley Scott said that Phoenix was the most ”thoughtful actor I’ve ever worked with.”

Scott has been nominated for three ‘Academy Awards (Category: Directing),’ which he received for Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, and Black Hawk Down. Moreover, he has received many accolades throughout his career in film, including a BAFTA Fellowship for lifetime achievement from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2018.

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Moreover, in 2003, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for services to the British film industry. In 2011, he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.