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Penis-Shaped Flight Path Pointed at Russia, USA Says its a Coincidence

  • An American KC-135 Stratotanker’s peculiar flight path resembled a penis.
  • The phallic-shaped course pointed directly at a Russian base in Syria.
  • The U.S. Air Force announced the odd shape was completely unintentional.

The U.S Army developed the KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft from the Boeing 367-80 prototype. The refuelling aircraft is a predominant variant of the C-135 Stratolifter. It joined the United States Air Force (USAF) in June 1985 and has been in service ever since.

A Peculiar Incident

Flightradar24 is a website and app that tracks civilian, commercial and some military planes. On 2nd November, aviation enthusiasts who follow Flightradar24 pointed out the strange flight path of an American KC-135. The path showed two circles and one large oval. Clearly enough, it resembled a penis.

The comical event gained massive internet traffic overnight. An Italian newspaper, la Repubblica, went one step further and published an article, “the shape in fact is unequivocally that of a penis.” 

“I am PERFECTLY SATISFIED with this use of my tax dollars,” exclaimed one Twitter user.

“Someone gave that pilot the “shaft” so to speak. 😂🍆,” another tweeted.

The viral incident however had gained enough hype to get the U.S. Air Force on its toes!

Flightradar24 screenshot
There for all to see on Flightradar24

The Response From The U.S. Air Force

The USAF immediately clarified that the incident was, in fact, unintentional. As per the official statement, the aircraft took off from Chania International Airport and followed its designated path appropriately.

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A spokesperson from the U.S. Air Force, Captain Ryan Goss, addressed the situation. “The KC-135 Stratotanker (RAKE71) operating in the Eastern Mediterranean adjusted between multiple different flight tracks during the mission,” he explained.

“While these adjustments and movements appear to create a vulgar outline. However, there was no intent by the pilots or the unit to do so. As we look into this, AMC and the USAF will continue to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and airmanship.”

The pilots did not make a public statement about the incident. Whether they were ordered to stay quiet remains unknown. Undoubtedly, an event like this amid the growing geopolitical tensions is alarming. Therefore, it is imperative for militaries to practice caution when global peace stands uncertain.

This was not the first time?

Amazingly drawing penises in the sky is not uncommon when it comes to the U.S. Air Force. American pilots have long been accused of it time and again. In 2017, two Navy pilots drew genitals over Washington Naval Air Station using an EA-18G Growler.

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According to, the pilots during that incident were punished but allowed to continue their service. In 2019, F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, engaged in training, accidentally created a similar image above Arizona. And it would appear that it’s not just aircraft. In another event in March 2021, a large cargo ship slowed world trade after taking a penis-shaped journey down the Suez Canal and then running aground blocking the shipping lane.

It does not take long for events like these to go viral. No matter how serious a situation is, the online communities are quick to make memes and share a laugh around the world. It seems that we may not be as different as we think we are!