Modern Day, WW2

Historic Kent Street Goes Back in Time for WWII Movie  

  • The historic Nevada Street in Greenwich was used in a new movie. 
  • The street was transformed to replicate a 1940’s road during World War Two .
  • Film production built fake shop fronts and businesses around the road. 
  • Locals suspect the sets are for British Director Steve McQueen’s upcoming movie ‘Blitz.
  • The Blitz was the lethal eight-month bombing of the UK in World War Two. 

The historic Nevada Street in Greenwich was transported back to World War Two recently through a film set. Film production built fake shop fronts and businesses around the road. 

The film set is reminiscent of World War Two and the look suggests that the filming is a period piece drama. Shop fronts of old worldly butchers, pet shops, and food retailers confirm the historical setting. 

In addition, the set featured an old-fashioned train station on Greenwich street. While official confirmation on what is filming is yet to come, locals suspect the sets are for British Director Steve McQueen’s upcoming project,’ Blitz.’

Blitz: The Movie  

The Blitz movie.
WW2 movie set: One of the converted shops for Steve McQueen’s new movie ‘Blitz’ (Photo by Billy Downie Facebook)

‘Blitz’ is an upcoming World War Two epic for Apple TV+,  announced in November 2021. Many believe that the film set aligns with the movie announced. 

British Director, McQueen, has worked on numerous successful projects in the past, namely 12 Years a Slave, Shame and Small Axe. However, what sets this project apart is that McQueen is writing and producing the film based on his idea. 

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The plot of the movie Blitz revolves around a group of Londoners experiencing the eight-month bombardment of the capital during World War Two. Several major celebrities will appear in the film, including Saoirse Ronan, known for Little Women, Lady Bird, and See How They Run.

Moreover, Stephen Graham, Harris Dickinson, and Kathy Burke will also join Ronan in the film. Even though it is believed that the movie is to be filmed in Greenwich, there has yet to be formal confirmation. 

Film Greenwich, the first dedicated Film Office in London, was contacted for details. Recently, Kent has also found itself as the centre stage of Sam Mendes’ Empire of Light release. The movie, shot in Margate, England, landed in cinemas on January 6, 2023. 

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The Blitz in World War Two

From September 7, 1940, to May 11, 1941, Nazi Germany intensely bombed London and other strategic cities and towns across the United Kingdom. Germany’s chancellor, Adolf Hitler, ordered attacks after the British conducted a night-time air raid on Berlin. 

Debris in a bombed out London Street.
The blackened and bombed out streets of London during the Blitz.

The first wave of attacks left 430 dead and 1600 injured. The beginning of the Blitz was known as ‘Black Saturday’ in the UK when night after night London was heavily bombed. The attacks continued often even during the daytime. After that, London experienced regular attacks until 10-11 May 1941.

In eight months, German attacks killed 43,500 civilians. The Blitz affected a number of towns and cities across the United Kingdom. But more importantly, the Blitz affected many lives.

Old Kent Street in Greenwich

Old Kent street is one of Britain’s oldest roads and can trace its origins back to an ancient Celts’ ancient route. Since Roman times, the road has been the primary link between London and the Kent coast.

For most of its existence, Old Kent road was a rural passway that led to London but was not considered a part of the metropolis. During this time, the only significant development was a handful of coaching inns catering to the needs of travellers.

Moreover, in the medieval era, the road was famous for being a significant part of the pilgrimage route to Canterbury. Geoffrey Chaucer later immortalised it in his collection of pilgrim stories, The Canterbury Tales. 

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Conversely, Victorian Londoners knew Old Kent Road as a place of industry. It was associated with the docks, the railway, and the South Metropolitan Gasworks.

Old Kent Road: The Documentary

In 2014, Ian Parkin self-narrated a documentary on Old Kent Road. Parkin is a writer, producer, and director famously known for Gadget (2016) and Rendezvous (2016).

The documentary explored the history and importance of London’s old roads. Over centuries Old Kent Road has been steeped in histories and identities, making it a fitting location for a historical movie.